Movies And Conversations

by Rider Where The Trees Are Low

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released July 9, 2015

All words and music written by Jan Thiede. Artwork and photos by Jan Thiede. Band photo by J. Oelerich. Hitchcock font by M. Terich.
Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

S. Freitag. lead guitar on "Doc Brown" and "Live Like A Teapot"
S. Thiede. piano on "Doc Brown"
M. Stett. bass on "Still In Denial"
Jan Hendrik Thiede. everything else

Instruments recorded in several long sessions between August 2012 and January 2014 in The Living Room, The Kitchen and The Office, Marburg. Vocals recorded in September/October 2014 and January/February 2015 in The Living Room and The Bedroom, Marburg.
Mixed by D. Hoffmann at 51st Woodhouse Lane between February and June 2015.
To preserve the natural dynamics of the music, this recording was not mastered. Please use your volume knob.



all rights reserved


Rider Where The Trees Are Low Marburg, Germany

New album "Movies And Conversations" out NOW!

Rider Where The Trees Are Low is singer​/songw​riter Jan Thiede from Marburg, Germany. In his songs, he explores the possibilities of acoustic yet progressive music where folk miniatures and complex conceptual longtracks enjoy equal rights. ... more

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Track Name: Fear Of Heights
Come a time when I change my mind
And accept what can't be changed
Sitting it out now
The whole thing perfectly arranged
Can you take my doubts away?
Can you convince me to stay?
The unease is wearing off
But still I feel so strange

Wonder how I shall treat this song
Shall I rest or shall I dance
Singing along now
Ignoring every dissonance
Can you take these notes away?
Do you like this melody?
No I don't but I don't want to
Disappoint the fans

A new chapter, a new start
My worn out world's fallen apart
I don't know where this journey takes me
When I chase my liberty
Reason can't keep pace with me
And it's shouting "Don't be hasty!"

I was there now I'm back again
And the road made my feet hurt
Taking a break now
These old boots are stained with dirt
Can you wash this dust away?
Can you take my hand and say:
"It's not an easy start
But we will make it work"
Up the corridor of stars
Down the sound of passing cars
From up here, I see their lights
Afraid of losing control
One step further and I'll fall
I guess that's my fear, my fear of heights

Looking up is easier
Than looking down into the canyon that you came from
The weather changes with your thoughts
But still no need to hide the sun and let the rain come
Answer me, and honestly:
Do you want to fall back down?
But you just sigh and look away
Giving me a wordless frown

Another change of scenery
A single move and everything's as good as new
It's a strange machinery
You always think about what's in it for you
The breakdown of a reverie
You used to be lost in
It will force you to accept
Full responsibility for everything

I hold on to this rock of trust
And imagine someone claps
My vision is blurred now
I'm out of oxygen perhaps
Can you take my breath away?
Could this be my final day?
Seems so much easier to let go and relapse

It drags me down and it will hurt
The gravity of a single word
I can't climb these mountainsides
There's always an excuse at hand
That's the reason why I can't
Get over my fear of heights
Is it hopeless? I don't know
I'm stuck inside this vertigo
But they say a hero fights
Slam shut all of my back doors
And get the ship back on the course
Maybe conquering my fear, my fear of heights

Is there anything left to say
Before I fade away now?
Is there anything left to say
Before I fade away? No.
Track Name: Rider Where The Trees Are Low
I've heard quite a few theories about the name I chose
It's the strangest one you came across so far, I suppose
Everybody's asking for the meaning and the cause
So, to end the rumours, let me tell you how it was

There was a concert in my town that I wanted to see
Since I knew people in the band, I got the ticket free
The singer was a friend of mine, he also played guitar
A small giant with brown hair and a Scottish great grandma

"Ride" on the drummer's t-shirt and my love for the outdoors
Subconsciously combined into a name I liked because
The words evoked a vague romantic image in my head
And if you want to know exactly what I mean by that

Come follow me into the woods, into a night unknown
I'll take you to a secret glade where I leave you alone
You wait a while in silence with the dancing fireflies
And suddenly, the silvan songs unfold before your eyes

Behold, behold
The glow of the green light
The trees, the trees
The trees are singin' tonight

And now, a tale.
Once upon a time, there was a minstrel on a horse
Riding through the forest (with his instrument, of course)
And when he passed a tree whose arms hung low over the place
His lyrics turned to swear words as the branches scratched his face

But hit by inspiration, he takes out his lute and picks
And comes up with The Ballad of the Rider and the Twigs
A matter of material, I hope you've understood
That this is not a rock song, it's a serenade of wood

Behold, behold
The glow of the green light
The trees, the trees
The trees are singin' tonight
Behold, behold
The leaves all look like gold
The trunks turn to guitars and
They strike up the songs of old

Behold, behold
The glow of the green light
The trees, the trees
The trees are singin' tonight
Come on, come on
Let's all join in the song
The verses of the nightfall
And the chorus of the dawn

The shadows start to fade and we feel the morning breeze
It's like a melody still rustles in the leaves
Underneath a larch, we sit among the moss
And the tree stump record player plays another song for us
Track Name: Doc Brown
Doc Brown.
Yesterday, I was sitting here
And suddenly, I had a strange idea
I reached for some paper and a pen
Before I would forget it again
I wrote down the exact time and date
Followed by my hallway's coordinates
Finally, above the things I wrote
An underlined big sentence as a note:

Travel back to this scene
When they invent the time machine

Behind the time, I wrote a small +5
To control the moment I arrive
Just recall the film with Michael Fox
We don't want to cause a paradox
I pasted the note into a book
In which I would occasionally look
Feeling as excited as a kid
I closed my eyes and let go of it

The noise of an explosion
Followed by sudden silence

Hello, hello
Anybody home?

Those moments of weakness I try to hide
Fear of the future, not willing to decide
If I don't hold on to the present day
The tide of progress will sweep me away

From the hallway I heard someone shout
I recognized the voice without a doubt
But between his loud words I could sense
The subtle sound of fading confidence
'though I still asked myself how could we
Play a trick on relativity
I gradually began to understand
That science fiction came true in the end

So I opened the door
And introduced myself to me

I took a walk around my future self
Checking out my shape and state of health
Whispering words of old Doc Brown again
Look at me, I'm an old man
I excitedly chewed on my thumb
When he told me about the days to come
I could also tell you what he said
But I don't want to burst your bubble yet
Track Name: The New Way
I met this guy in Poitiers, I had seen him once before
We got into conversation about music and much more
He said, "There are two things about which you can always sing
It's girls and work and the perpetual trouble that they bring"
And then a question came up that still lingers in my head
He asked me, "Do you really think that people who are sad
Want to have their spirits raised by a sentimental song?"
I thought I knew the answer then but maybe I was wrong
And now I think again

Suppose the times are rough and you are feeling really bad
Because your girlfriend ditched you or your dear old dog is dead
Isolation - you don't want to talk to anyone
Rather listen to a stranger so you put a record on
Now if a song is sad what do you listen to it for?
Is it supposed to cheer you up or floor you even more?
Or maintain the melancholy that you're in so deep
Self-torture with melodies until you fall asleep

When you're in a mess and in your head it looks like rain
You don't want to hear of that the sun will shine again
And when you sit down on a chair to contemplate the course
You don't need someone who tries to pull you up by force

You want to hear: Old buddy, I know exactly how you feel
I don't mean to bother you but let us make a deal
Give me your attention and I will agree with you
This life just ain't worth living, yeah, we both know that it's true

When your missing peace of mind is like a needle in a stack
When you're still alive but kicking like a beetle on the back
When you feel like you're going to a funeral every day (with a heavy heart)
When they ask you what is wrong and you don't know what to say (or where to start)
You take your problems to the pub and drown them in the drinks
But very soon you find out that they brought their water wings
The powerful solvent that never solved anything (oh, my heart sinks)
There's got to be another way to take your mind off things

A shopping tour, a bath, a longer visit to your mom
Over-eating, over-sleeping, over-and-undone
In desperate search for a distraction, you can't help thinking:
"Now that my floor is made of mud I might as well sink in"
So if you're in the doldrums you should spend some time alone
Leave the shutters closed and don't answer the telephone
For that's the only good thing about being in a bad mood
It's the aqualung for diving into solitude

Retreat into your shell and then make sure that no one hears
How you celebrate your pain and wallow in your tears
But like everything that's aqueous they will dry in the end
Sometimes scientific facts are comforting, my friend

Hang in there, old buddy, I know exactly how you feel
I don't mean to bother you but let us make a deal
Throw away those razorblades and I will see you through ('cause I can see through you)
I will be the prism that spreads out your shades of blue

Maybe an experiment or maybe the new way
No more silly songs that praise belief in the next day
However, we are indie or at least we want to be
And I'll be damned if I do what someone expects from me
No matter what you've been through or what you had to endure
You will get over it and actually, I'm sure
That once this song is over and the last bar's ringing out
You look out of the window and start wondering aloud
How you feel today
Track Name: The Silent Garden
I'm walking through the silent garden
On a summer evening
In the twilight, I am starting
To remember everything
There's a subtle smell of fire
From a nearby barbecue
But the neighbourhood's quiet
Like the people all hide
From my view

With the impressions that I get
It's easier to find
A way to weed the herbal bed
That's overgrown with time
These joyful memories
Should bring me some relief
But I stole them from the past
So I tiptoe through the grass
Like a thief

Do you still remember?
We were so young and wild
I meant no harm to you
I simply was a child
I simply was a child but I have grown

I'm walking through the silent garden
In the night of my return
Wish that I could beg your pardon
My lessons I have learned
It is time for something new
For I cannot conceal
The cue marks on my hand
I guess I've reached the end
Of the reel

On that day in December
I had to say good bye
I meant no harm to you
But I was aiming high
Yes, I was aiming high but now I'm home
And I'm singing low

Dream on now

Indians attacking
Load my wooden gun
The tree house is surrounded
In the rising sun
Are we lost?

Conquering a mountain
While the wild winds blow
The shack on top will give us
Shelter from the snow
Sitting where the gallows stood
Oh, how I wish that I could
Fly high
Through the chimney into the sky

I try to turn the light on
But the switch is dead
So I know I'm dreaming
It's all in my head
Then I realize the
Consequence of this
And with a smile, I step
Into the abyss

Dream off now

White noise on the TV screen
Ripples on the surface of my mind
In the racks around the couch
The books are all carefully aligned
Two plates with crumbs of bread
And three empty bottles of wine
We're getting nostalgic, it seems
Moving along a fine line
Because I'm still waiting
For the first bomb to hit my face
Calm before the storm
What would you have done
If you had been in my place?
But family ties cannot be torn
The story is so long, you know

I've seen the bad luck letter on a stranger
I've seen oranges as signs of danger
I've seen movies and conversations fading
But I've been enthusiastic even after
I've seen on-cue crying and canned laughter
I've seen movies and conversations fading

When I was a fox and chased a goose
Nine feathers came off
I put them in my pocket and carried them around
All these years
So I brought them back and laid them to rest
In a pillow soft and white
The red hunter in me is dead
'though I still wear his hide

When I was asleep and out in the streets
The people caught fire
The wind turned them to ashes and carried them away
One by one / So I trotted back to my part of town
To burn in my own flame
And hide inside my anonymous flat
Where no neighbour knows my name

Many years I wasted
In this hive so far from home
Flowers I have tasted
Long distances I have flown
I've seen the honey but I could not make my own

I went down the village road
Straight into the fields of oat
Only weeks 'til harvest time
Clouds like stains on the sunshine
I passed by our primary school
Looking back is sometimes cruel
Owing to the many sides
Of attic days and basement nights

Cellar door
Cellar key
Cellar door
C'est la vie

Look at me now, standing here
My back against the wall
A storm is coming, far away
The thunder starts to roll
A tired house with eyelids down
Waits for the night to fall
The yawning of the doors
Echoes in the entrance hall

Do you still remember?
When the sky was scarred and loud
You sang into my ear
Trying to create a sound
That no one else could hear
'though it was just a clever way
To cover up your fear
It always seemed to work
I never saw a single tear
In your eyes, in your eyes
And besides, it was night

III. U'G'K I climb up the walls again
Back into each frame
From which I disappeared
The family is calling my name
Where have you been boy and what have you done?
I reached for the stars but was burned by the sun

I climb up the stairs again
Back into my place
Teddy bears, toys and books
Still carry the smell of yesterdays
Each night I visit this room in my dreams
This time it's real - or so it seems

After the years on the playboard
I finally returned to square one
So afraid and not knowing what I would find
But I would have never expected
That you'd welcome me with open arms
Oh, you are uncommonly gentle and kind

I go back in time again
Four decades at least
Our mother still smiling then
Not yet a sign of the disease
Father he whistled in the staircase and said
Now it is time that we go to bed

Here in this house that they left us
There's nothing that doesn't remind
Me of them and the life that I had long ago
Say, what remains of our childhood
But keepsakes that gather the dust?
Anyway, being home feels so good, you know

The curtain falls again
I'm tired and old
My conscience calls again
I've put it on hold long enough
I am an artist and I am alone
When the film is over, it is time to go home
And the credits roll
Where we put them all
On a pedestal
Pride will have a fall
Friends who turn away
Golden figures stay
That's the price you pay
For all your fame

Movies and conversations fading

I look out into the garden
So silent in the night
I can see the curtains swaying
As the cool air streams inside
The waning copper moon
Shines on my silver smile
The peace in here is golden
But only for a while
Track Name: Live Like A Teapot
Live like a teapot
Peaceful and calm
Hot water in your stomach
And sugar in your palm
To remove the bitterness
That sometimes occurs
The spoon of life and love
It eternally stirs

A trustworthy fellow
Who sticks with his friends
Although they use him
And drop from their hands
Your skin looks so battered
So rusty and red
If I were in your spot
I'd surely be dead

This could be my favourite spot
This could be my favourite spot
And if I decide that it's not
It will still be a daydream that I've got

Strange ideas fill me
On this my last day
Sitting in a café
In downtown Poitiers
This French adventure
Will come to an end
What a great experience
For a little German band

I send my attention
To where it belongs
Five people speaking
In three different tongues
Why so ambitious
Of getting it all
Enjoy the fun and
The sun of the fall

This could be my favourite spot
This could be my favourite spot
And if I decide that it's not
It will still be a memory that I've got
Oh, this could be my favourite place
This could be my favourite place
I know that there are many ways
And I try to find the right one in this maze

I photographed the teapot
In the fading daylight
Before we payed and left to leap
Into the final night
Monday morning drive home
It was a smooth end
To a rough exciting crazy
Journey with a friend

Literal translation
Is harder than you think
You can't reach me the water
But you can pass me a drink
We wait for the next band
To hit the stage soon
How are you drunk again
It's not even noon

This could be my favourite spot
This could be my favourite spot
And if I decide that it's not
It will still be a daydream that I've got
Oh, this could be my favourite place
This could be my favourite place
I know that there are many ways
Track Name: I Take My Leaf
I came here from far away and soon I will move on
But before I hit the street again I'll sing a song
Of that constant wanderlust which brought me to your place
This relentless restlessness is written in my face

Since I've started music I have never owned a car
But I've learned my sneaker feet can take me really far
It is a desire that drives me across the land
I'm walking down the highway with my guitar in my hand

I'm seeking inspiration where nobody ever goes
Where the trees are low I light a fire and compose
Trying to transcribe the gentle twittering of a bird
Writing lyrics until I've used every English word

I have to go again
I have to grow again

I've been to lots of cities and the countryside I've roamed
I feel like I've seen the world
Now I want to go home
I think it is only fun to take leave and make tracks
If you have a safe place to return to and relax
Track Name: Still In Denial
I never trust the tabloids
Or a gullible friend
Because they tend to take a rumour for a fact
See this big-letter headline
At the newspaper stand?
Where there's no content there is graphics to attract

I have my opinions
And I like to insist
Although this sometimes takes its toll
Still there is one thing
I just can't accept
Although it might be true after all
I refuse to believe that a cucumber can kill a man
Unless it hits you at two hundred miles per hour
I know I will die someday
But that's not the way I leave this world, I say

I was not scared of 12/21
And the world did not end
But with our help it will perish all the same
And although this might offend you
I think there is no god
And so we have to look for someone else to blame

Another incident
Cannot convince me that
All the food out there is bad
Another mass hysteria
Caused by strange bacteria
But yet

I refuse to believe that a cucumber can kill a man
Unless it hits you at two hundred miles per hour
I know I will die someday
But that's not the way I leave this world, I say

Nothing but lies and flimsy excuses
When nobody knows what the truth is
All these lessons are so useless
If I'm unwilling to learn
So I turn off the TV and the internet, too
Look through the newspapers and keep just a few
'cause I don't want to get caught on the flypaper glue
Of adverts and commercial breaks that always tell you
What to wear, what to eat, what to buy, what to break
What to love, what to hate, what to drink, what to take
What to fear, what to say, what to think, what to strive for,
What to die for

I refuse to believe that a cucumber can kill a man
Unless it hits you at two hundred miles per hour
I know I will die someday
But that's not the way I leave this world, I say